Conceal carry: The OMG he has a gun reaction

Both my husband and I have conceal carry permits (CCWP).  We have had them for a few years now.  Our friends know we have CCWPs and they don't have a problem with it.  They know we carry so it is no surprise to them when we take off a jacket and they see it.

We were at a birthday party at a friends house and we had just got done running around town and a few other things.  My husband was in a suite and tie and it was getting hot.  I suggested to him to take off his jacket and he commented that he didn't have his shirt tucked in.  The friends how we were at has guns hidden all over their house and he even has a CCWP himself.

My husband takes his jacket off and goes about his business.  He was grabbing food like he always does and someone made a comment that they were not surprised they he had a gun on him.  They fist bumped and again went about their business.  Me being the "anti-social" one I was sitting in the living room area.  I say anti-social jokingly, I just don't like large gatherings or parties.

A couple started talking close to me, close enough for me to hear.  The wife was chewing out her husband because my husband had a gun in his waist band.  She would make a comment like I can't believe he has a gun on him, now our son wants to shoot bad guys and a bunch more.  She gave me a look like how could you let your husband have a gun.  If only you knew what was in my purse lady (which doesn't leave my side).  This ladies husband tries to calm her down of course.  Well honey no one here is bad and I am sure he isn't talking about anyone here.  Pretty sure this didn't make it any better.

women carry gun in purse

Law abiding citizens who have guns and properly store them, take responsibility for them are not the ones that you need to worry about.  I have only put my hand on my firearm a few times, never had to draw it and never had to shoot it to protect myself.  Those that own firearms legally just want to be left alone.  We are not harming our neighbors, we just want to be able to protect ourselves and our families when needed.  The last I checked, if I protect myself in public with my firearm because some armed robber came into a store.  Guess what, that means I am protecting myself and anyone in the store.

Criminals go after easy targets.  When the target makes it difficult 99% of the time they will flee or give up.  Why do you think there are some many shootings and attacks in places that are gun free zones?  People in those areas are not armed.

I will leave you with this quote from Blast from the Past with Brendan Fraser:

"Do you have a gun? ... Oh. Well, thank you for not waving it around. Or vomiting, for that matter. Tell me, where would I find a grocery store? Or a standing Holiday Inn ..." 
~Adam, Blast from the Past

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