Backpacking: How to Pack Your Bag

Backpacking:  How to Pack Your Bag

Ever go on a backpacking trip and you have to play Tetris to get everything in?  The gear you take is limited so you have to be selective of what you should take.  At the same time you are limited on space so everything you are taking has to fit.  What is a person to do?
Take Your Tent Out of the Carry Case
The tent comes in a little carry case that you can pack in your bag. This keeps all the...

Backpacking: The Essentials

Backpacking: The Essentials

Going on a backpacking trip can be a lot of fun.  You want to make sure that you have all your gear before you leave.  The last thing you want is to be out in the wilderness and leave your food at home or even your tent poles.

Packing your pack can be just a crucial. You don't want to pack your tent at the bottom of your pack. Pulling out all your gear just to get to your tent can be frustrating....

Backpacking is better than camping

Camping is fun, but backpacking is way better in comparison.  I love to be outdoors, so if camping is the only option that is fine by me.  Not many people I know are able to go backpacking right now and it is more fun when you go with friends.  We all did agree that when the timing was right we would go backpacking again.

Camping by far is better than being stuck in doors. You get to pack up the...