The First Time I Went Hunting

The first time I ever went hunting was with my boyfriend at the time, no my husband.  I went back to Michigan to meet his family and it was fricken cold.  I lived in many areas of the country, from Hawaii, to California to North Carolina and Nevada.  I had never been so cold in my life and not be around snow.  He asked if I wanted to go hunting with him, I agreed to go.  Mostly because I wanted for someone to show me what to do and what to look for.

The morning of the first hunt we got up around 4 am.  We got dressed and put on all our warm clothes and headed out with crossbow in hand.  Once we got away from camp we had to move slow through all the trees, fallen branches and leaves.  Making as little noise as possible.  It took us less time than we thought to get to where we planned to wait and watch for deer.

The temperature was about 2 degrees.  Not that isn’t a typo, it was 2 degrees.  We waited as the sun came up and listen for deer.  We stood there still, moving very slowly to look around and see if there was movement.  I didn’t complain out loud only in my head did I complain about how cold I was and why the heck wasn’t I back in the warmth sleeping.  I guess impressed him since we got married.

About an hour after we made it to the spot we were waiting, we heard a few deer come through.  Sadly, we couldn’t see them.  We knew where they were though, because one of them could smell us and was making grunting noises so that we would stay away.

My husband was a little irritated that we didn’t get a deer.  He wanted to show me how to properly clean and butcher the deer.  That is all fine and dandy but that is what I have him for.  He has already been informed that if I shoot it he cleans and butchers it.  I will learn to do it but will only do it if he is not there.  By the way I only hunt with him, so that probably won’t happen.

We didn’t get any deer that trip, but I don’t see it as a wasted trip.  Just because you go out hunting and don’t get a “kill” doesn’t mean it is a waste.  It isn’t about the trip, it is about the people you are with, the environment you are in, and what you do with it.  We don’t hunt for sport we hunt for food, only kill what you are going to eat, or kill what is going to feed the family or community.

The one thing I remember, other than how cold it was, was how beautiful it was.  Being away from the major cities is something we should all do more often.  Something I wish we did more often.  Too often we are moving so fast that we forget to stop and look around.  We forget that we should be taking care of the land not destroying it.

What was your first hunting experience like?

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